paul le

Avoiding the Perfection Trap

A common roadblock that many people come across when starting something new is the idea that they must wait for perfect conditions before they start. This idea ends up being a trap, as perfect conditions rarely ever occur. As a result, many people end up never starting whatever it was that they wanted to start.

This trap can be seen whenever someone procrastinates.

Often, the reason for procrastination is the preconceived notion that whatever it is that they are supposed to be doing must be done to perfection. As a result, they avoid doing it, until the perfect moment comes and everything suddenly falls into place. Ultimately, a big reason why people end up not doing whatever it was that they want to do in life is because of procrastination.

You can best avoid this trap by just starting whatever it is that you must start, no matter how bad it will end up being. It is better to do something that isn’t completely perfect, than to not have anything to show. In reality, things in life are rarely perfect anyways, and those who at least have something to show end up successful.

September 6th, 2018