Take Responsibility for Everything

Death to Stock Photo by Death to Stock

As I progress through my career, I find that I am in more positions of leadership, where I have to work with a team to achieve some kind of deliverable.

This is not something that is ever really taught directly in school.

We are often given group projects, and told that we need to learn how to work as part of team, but we are never actually taught how to work in a team, or how to lead a team.

A while back, I stumbled across Jocko Willink, who had done a few podcasts with Joe Rogan.

One key lesson that I learned was to take responsibility for everything - indeed, it’s the title of his book, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win.

By taking responsibility for everything, it implies that you have control over everything. When you blame external circumstances, or other people, you are in many ways pushing away responsibility, and your control of the situation.

This mindset, while it sounds like a heavy burden, in fact gives you more freedom, as you now have control over your circumstances, and can do something about it, rather than complaining.

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