paul le

How Audiobooks Have Changed My Life

Reading more books is something that many people wish they had more time for, but never get around to. Many would agree that books contain vast amounts of knowledge that would be beneficial to our lives. Books are a way to explore a topic or collection of ideas in a single package, as opposed to information scattered across numerous articles all over the internet. The only problem is the time commitment and habit required to read an entire book, especially on a regular basis.

Reading often entails committing to a time out of your day to sit down with a book and to read it. As reading requires the use of your eyes to take in the words on the page, there is often little else you can do while you are reading, except to read. For this reason, many find it hard to commit a time out of their day to read, and end up not reading at all.

This was a struggle that I had for a long time. When I was a child in elementary school, there was a library at the community centre next to my school that I would visit almost every day after school. I would freely explore the shelves and read anything that piqued my interest. By the time I got to high school and had moved to a different city though, I began to read significantly less. As I went through university, I found that I was too busy to read books for pleasure.

Fortunately, I eventually discovered audiobooks, which have allowed me to read significantly more books, even with a busy schedule.

The Benefits of Audiobooks

By taking in the information from a book through your ears, you no longer have to be sitting down or looking at the pages of your book. This allows you to “read” a book without actually having to commit to sitting down and reading a book with your eyes. As a bonus, many audiobooks are read by the actual author, so you get to hear the book exactly how it was meant to by read.

You can listen to an audiobook while you are commuting to work or school. If you find yourself waiting in a long line, you can listen to an audiobook. You can listen to an audiobook while you are cooking, or while cleaning. If you go for a daily run every day, you can listen to a book instead of music.

Anytime you are doing something menial that doesn’t require any significant amount of effort or concentration, you can listen to an audiobook. You’d be surprised at how much time we spend each week doing menial tasks that have to be done, but don’t actually require any amount of concentration or effort. By filling in this time with an audiobook, you can get through quite a bit while at the same time doing something you had to do anyways.

The average audiobook is around 8 - 15 hours long. If you listen at 1.5–2 times normal speed without losing comprehension, you can get through a book in around 5–10 hours.

Needless to say, through audiobooks, I have been able to read more books than I ever had previously in my life.

October 16th, 2018