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I Am a Top Writer in Physics on Quora (for Now!)

Earlier this month, I wrote a fun little answer for a question on Quora about what would happen if you threw a ball against a wall enough times. Common sense and classical physics would tell you that the ball will never, ever, pass through the wall. The solution in the context of quantum mechanics, on the other hand, is not as trivial, and is actually non-zero, as I demonstrate with a “back-of-the-envelope” calculation:

Read Paul Le's answer to According to quantum mechanics, is it true that if you throw a ball against a wall enough times eventually it would pass straight through the wall? on Quora

To my surprise, within a week, this question gained over ten thousand views, and over one hundred upvotes. After coming back from my vacation at the end of the month, this number grew to almost two hundred thousand! This is my most successful answer on Quora as of this moment, with the number of views and upvotes growing larger every day. My answer was even featured on Quora for a period of time!

As a result, I’ve also gained the honour of being called a “Top Writer in Physics” on Quora, along the ranks of prominent people on Quora like Richard Muller. My understanding is that this is determined based off of how many views your answers relating to a particular subject get, compared to everyone else. I would have to continue writing answers that get popular like this often, in order to maintain it, so I will most likely eventually lose this distinction. Still, this was a pleasant surprise, and a little taste of what it feels like to have something you created go semi-viral.

August 29th, 2016