paul le

Letting Go Of Judgement

When we are in the moment of some negative experience, it can seem like our judgement of that moment is the experience itself. However, when you take a few steps back and look at the situation from a distance, you may realize that the judgement and the experience are separate from each other.

Unlike the experience itself, your judgement is something that you can control. You may find the ultimately, the situation was not as bad as it had seemed, and that your judgement of that situation was what really made it bad. Learn to let go of judgement, and you’ll find many problems were not as bad as they seemed.

This was a lesson that I learned from reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, which he explains in the following passage:

When you are grieved about anything external it is not the thing itself which afflicts you, but your judgement about it. This judgement it is in your power to efface. If you are grieved about anything in your own disposition, who can prevent you from correcting your principles of life? If you are grieved because you do not set about some work which seems to you sound and virtuous, go about it effectually rather than grieve that it is undone. - Marcus Aurelius

June 30th, 2021