paul le

The Cycle of Motivation and Laziness

We’ve all experienced this in one form or another. We find motivation in ourselves to finally start the project that we’ve been meaning to start. Using this newfound motivation and momentum, we keep at it, going strong for days, even weeks.

And then it happens.

We suddenly miss one day, or we run into a roadblock in our project. Then another day. And another day, until finally, we’ve completely abandoned our initial plans.

It happens to everyone, and if you are reading this now, chances are, you can probably come up with a few projects or initiatives of your own that you’ve put on the back-burner.

Although this can be discouraging, an important thing to understand is that this is completely normal. It happens to everyone, and is part of a cycle of motivation and laziness. We naturally go through phases in our lives where our motivation fluctuates. Instead of constantly trying to resist, we should accept it.

When we try to resist what is inevitable, we are placing judgement on our actions. We judge ourselves negatively for not having the motivation to continue our projects. We begin to feel inadequate, even though it is not entirely our fault. This puts us in the worst possible state to actually summon the motivation to continue again - people get so caught up in their failure to maintain their motivation that they get discouraged and never come back.

However, accepting this is not the same as giving up. The only important thing to remember is to not forget the goal, and to get back on track soon as it feels right to. Take things one step at a time, and eventually, you will have moved a mountain.

July 13th, 2021